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Instructor Ride Out 10/7/2023

Instructor Ride Out 10/7/2023

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Instructor Ride Out

Course Description:

The Motorcycling Instructor Course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to become better motorcycle instructors. This comprehensive course is divided into three categories, providing a holistic approach to teaching and coaching motorcycling techniques. Through theoretical instruction, on-bike practice, and on-road clinics, participants will gain the expertise required to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Session 1: Teaching Concepts and Theories

In this session, instructors will explore teaching concepts and theories, focusing on connecting with students' experiences and desired outcomes. Participants will learn effective methods of instruction that resonate with diverse learner profiles. The session will provide ample opportunities for practice and feedback, allowing instructors to refine their teaching strategies and enhance their communication skills.

Session 2: On-Bike Practice of Skills

The second session of the course is dedicated to on-bike practice, encompassing a range of primary and advanced skills. Participants will engage in emergency stops, slow-speed maneuvers, and turning exercises. Feedback and coaching will be integral to this session, enabling instructors to improve their instructional techniques. The emphasis will be on honing observation skills and delivering constructive feedback. This session encourages instructors to bring new ideas and methods to practice and share with peers. 

Session 3: On-Road Clinic

The third session is an approximately three-hour on-road clinic where instructors can apply real-life skills. 


The Instructor Ride Out aims to create a session-based learning environment where ideas can flourish and allow us the opportunity to ride our motorcycles together. By incorporating teaching concepts, practical on-bike exercises, and on-road clinics, participants will develop a comprehensive skill set to become proficient instructors. This course promotes continuous improvement and encourages instructors to contribute unique perspectives. Join us in this journey of empowering others and shaping the future of motorcycling education.

Here is the map of the ride. The route is subject to change.

All Participants are required to be current AMA members. If you are not already a member, please click the link to join.

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